Replacement Electric Motors

20 Range Motor

20 Range Motors (ø64.5mm)

Our 20 Range motors are 64.5mm diameter, 2 pole shaded pole motors used fo light duty fan applications. These motors are usually used for refrigeration display cases.

24 Range Motor

The performance characteristics of skeleton motors dictate that they are generally used for air movement or liquid stirring duties.
Their simple compact construction, quiet operation and low cost make them ideally suited for these applications.

33 Range Motor

33 Range Motors (Ø86mm)

Remco’s 33 range of Shaded Pole and Permanent Split Capacitor motors is particularly suitable for driving small and light power fan applications.

35 Range Motor

35 Range Motors (Ø94mm)

This range is particularly suited to air movement and other HVAC applications.Most of the range is designed in P.S.C. (Permanent Split Capacitor) format for use on single phase supplies with some three phase models also available.

41 Range Motor

41 Range Motors (ø107mm)

Remco’s 41 range of Shaded Pole and Permanent Split Capacitor motors is particularly suitable for driving small and light power fan applications.

48 Range Motor

48 Range Motors (Ø125)

This frame size is particularly suitable for Air Movement and other HVAC applications, and most of the range is designed in Permanent Split Capacitor (P.S.C.) format for use on single phase supplies, with some three phase and low power shaded pole models

55 Range Motor

Replacements for American, NEMA style 48 frame motors, found in many blowers, fan coils and fan decks in heating and air conditioning equipment.

60 Range Motor

The Remco 60 Range (B56) is produced in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole versions (that is with run speeds of around 2800, 1400, 900 and 720 rpm) and for single phase and 3 phase supplies. The power outputs range from around 90 to 1400 watts (1/8 to 2 HP)

63 & 71 Range Motors

PSC and three phase evaporator fan motors. Foot or flange mount options available.

Electronically Commutated Motor

High Efficiency, Electronically Commutated Motors

We now stock EC Motors which we are able to programme to suit individual customer requirements for speed, multiple speed operation and rotation.

More information on this motor will follow soon.

Synchronous Valve Motor.jpg

Geared Synchronous Valve Motor

A central heating boiler has two functions, one is to provide hot water to the taps and the other is to heat the radiators.

External Rotor Motor

External Rotor Motor (Ø92mm)

These motors provide useful replacements for motors found in fan decks both in heating and in air conditioning units and are fitted with ball bearings. Shafts are 8mm diameter with 40mm extension to allow easy fitting to the commonly found rubber drive hub incorporated in the driven end of the fan impeller.

Multifit Motor

Multifit Motors (84x84mm)

Remco Multifit Refrigeration Motors are equipped with all 5 commonly found mounting methods.

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