35 Range Motors (ø86mm)

35 Range Motor

Remco's 35 Range motors are produced in 2, 4 and 6 pole versions with power outputs from 8 to 150 watts.

This range is particularly suited to air movement and other HVAC applications.

They are available with a variety of mounting and shaft arrangements with, in most cases flying lead wires which can be cut to required lengths.

Most of the range is designed in P.S.C. (Permanent Split Capacitor) format for use on single phase supplies with some three phase models also available.

35 Range motors are available in both ventilated and totally enclosed frames and with either single or double shaft extensions. Bearings can be lubricated-for-life sleeve or sealed ball bearings. Several models are available with Nema flanged endshields for use in oil and gas burner applications.

Bearings Either self-aligning lubricated for life sintered iron sleeve or sealed/shielded ball bearings
Construction Case constructed with pressed steel endshields or shell constructed with cast aluminium endshields
Types Shaded Pole or Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)
Output 3 - 150 Watts
Poles 2,4 or 6 Pole
Enclosure Totally Enclosed (IP44) or Ventilated (IP22)
Insulation Class B Standard
Rating Continuously rated air-over-motor, or continuously rated mechanical duty
Speeds Single speed standard. Two speeds available on selected motors
Shaft Mild steel or stainless where appropiate, single or double extension.
Rotation Clockwise (CW), Anti-Clockwise (ACW), or electrically reversible (R)
Supply Single phase, 220/240v & 220/240V, 50Hz. Special low "safety" voltage, 24V, 50Hz
Finish Black stove enamel