48 Range Motors (Ø125mm)

Remco 48 Range motors are produced in 4, 6 and 8 pole versions, with power outputs from 13 to 550 watts. They are available with a variety of mountings and shaft arrangements and in most cases with flying leads which can be cut to required lengths.

This frame size is particularly suitable for Air Movement and other HVAC applications, and most of the range is designed in Permanent Split Capacitor (P.S.C.) format for use on single phase supplies, with some three phase and low power shaded pole models.

Multi speed models offering 2, 3, 4 or 6 run speeds in either single or double shafted versions are also available. Capacitor Start and Split Phase versions are available in the higher powers for small machine or belt drives or where higher start torque is required.

General 48 Range Motor Specifications

Bearings White metal steel backed sleeve bearings with Permawick lifetime lubrication or ball bearings
Construction Wrapped and welded steel frame with pressure die-cast aluminium endshields
Types Split phase, Capacitor Start Induction Run, Permanent Split Capacitor (1,2,3 or 4 speed), Shaded Pole and Three Phase
Output 13 - 550 Watts
Poles 4 ,6 or 8 Pole
Enclosure Totally enclosed, Drip Proof or Fully Ventilated. IP10, IP22, IP44 standard
Insulation Class B standard, Class F available
Rating Continuously rated air-over-motor, or continuously rated mechanical duty
Speeds Multi-speed PSC types up to 6 speeds available
Shaft EN1A steel, single or double extension
Rotation Clockwise (CW), Anti-Clockwise (ACW), or electrically reversible (R)
Supply 220/240v 50Hz unless otherwise stated
Finish Black stove enamel