55 Range Electric Motors (ø142mm)

General 55 Range Motor Specifications

Bearings Ball bearings lubricated for life
Construction Welded steel body shell with die cast with natural aluminium endshields
Types Split Phase,
Capacitor Start / Induction Run,
Permanent Split Capacitor,
Three Phase
Poles 4 or 6 Pole
Enclosure Ventilated IP22, Drip Proof or Totally Enclosed IP44 or IP54
Insulation Class B Standard
Rating Continuously rated air-over-motor, or continuously rated mechanical duty.
Speeds Single, two or three speed models available
Shaft Mild Steel Single or Double Extension.
Rotation Clockwise (CW), Anti-Clockwise (ACW), or electrically reversible (R).
Supply Single Phase 220/240V or
Three Phase 220/250 - 380/440V