Geared Synchronous Valve Motor

Valve Motor

Synchronous Valve Motor

A central heating boiler has two functions, one is to provide hot water to the taps and the other is to heat the radiators.

The "diverter valve" powered by our motor HMG-5-6 will, depending upon its type and design, provide hot water either to the domestic taps, the radiators, or both at once. The room thermostat and the hot water thermostat control the priority of water flow through the valve.

Our geared synchronous motor HMG-5-6 is designed to operate in the “off”, closed position, or when energised, in the stalled and open position.

Synchronous Valve Motor Drawing

Fits Valve Types :

631, 672, 679 & 773 EN60730-2-8, MP3, MV2, SD1701, SK2, SK3, SZ1301, V4042 V4044 & V4073.

Model No. Supply Speed
HMG-5-6 230V, 50Hz 5 6