Fan Motor Assemblies

Compact Axial Fan

Compact Axial Fans

These increasingly popular Axial Fans benefit from their neat and compact size whilst still giving excellent air movement performance.

plate fan

Plate Fans

Based on our current successful and popular range of XMFG axial fans our plate fans cover sizes from Ø300mm (4 pole 1650 M³/Hr single phase) to Ø710mm, ( 8 pole 12600 M³/Hr 3 phase.)

Backward Curved Fan

Backward curved fans

Remco are offering six sizes of backward curved fan units, 133, 175, 190, 220, 225 and 250mm diameter.

Units run at 2 pole speed and are suitable for either 50 or 60 Hz supply.

Guard Mounted Axial Fan

External Rotor Axial Fan Assemblies

The range comprises of axial fan units and guards of nine different sizes, from 250mm to 630mm diameter.

EMFR Ring Mount

Ring Mounted Shaded Pole Fan Assemblies

Electronically Comutated Fans

High Efficiency, Electronically Commutated Ring Mount Fans

This is a direct, exact replacement for the original fan used in a Koxka Refrigeration Unit.

Radiant Tube Assembly

Gas Radiant Tube Heater Assembly

This popular Gas Radiant Tube Heater Blower kit is commonly used with our 33 Frame Range of Motors, but may be easily adapted to fit 24 Frame Skeletal Motors & 35 Range Motors.

Vertical Convector Unit

Vertical Convector Kits

This Popular Vertical Mounted Convector Unit may be supplied as a complete ready to fit assembly, or in component form.

We also offer a refurbishment Service.