Parts & Accessories

Motor Resilient BaseMotor Foot MountMotor Resilient BaseMotor Resilient Base

Motor Mounting Bases

We supply replacement mounting bases to fit a wide range of motor specifications.

Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts

We supply three bolt waisted mountings that are particularly suited for high shear applications, as well as simple to bolt mountings that are suitable for use in either compression or shear.

Shaft Sleeves

Shaft Sleeves & Adaptors

Shaft sleeves may be supplied in various sizes to suit many shaft diameters. Adapters can be used to extend the length and convert the fixing method used on the motor shaft.

Resilient Rings

Long Reach Allen Keys

Allen Keys Suitable for Long Reach Applications.

Sizes available - 3mm, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/8”

Motor Bearings


Motor Capacitor

Motor Start & Run Capacitors

Used for starting & running of single phase motors.

Resilient Rings

Resilient Rubber Mounting Rings

Used for mounting motors onto Resilient Cradle Bases

Blower Arm Mounting Kit

Blower Mounting Kits

Three blower kits are available - Standard, Long & also a heavy duty kit.

These kits are supplied with metal spacers placed in the mounting grommets and all the ancillaries required to mount.

Drive Coupling

Drive Couplings

Drive Coupling For driving a triple fan deck using a single motor.

Resilient Rings

Motor Cooling Fans

Used for cooling motors. A few different types are available.

Conduit Adaptor

Speed Controllers

Remco offers the choice of two Variable Speed AC Controllers rated at 3 & 5 Amp

4 different Slide Resistors are also available for controlling motor speed.

Conduit Adaptor

Conduit & Conduit Adaptors