Different Types of Fans for HVACR Applications

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Different Types of Fans for HVACR Applications

Fans are a vital component of any HVACR system. The most common HVACR fans are axial, forward-curved centrifugal, and backward-inclined, and each is uniquely matched to certain applications. When searching for a replacement fan, it’s important to understand each fan’s differences in performance, application suitability, noise consideration and cost-effectiveness.


Below is a brief description of the most common replacement HVACR fan types.


Guard Mounted Axial Fan 

Guard Mounted Axial Fans (also known as basket fans), are commonly used in air-conditioning, condensing and evaporator units, for both ‘blowing’ and ‘sucking’ air flows. Axial Fans are typically used to supply fresh air, suitable for a larger flow with relatively small pressure. They are designed to exchange heat through environmental air and generally used for cooling applications.

Popular as ‘drop-in’ replacements they are easily fitted to original equipment, AC or refrigeration units and other wall mounted applications. 

Typical applications include; Cooling applications, refrigeration units, evaporators (blowers), condensers (suckers) etc.

Case Mounted Axial Fan

Case mounted axial fans are general purpose fans designed to move large volumes of air in low pressure systems providing fresh air in facilities or to extract fumes and dust. When fumes and bad air are transported outside (through air filters) case mounted axial fans are also known as exhaust fans which generate air suction to extract bad quality air.

Typical applications include; general ventilation and extraction, fume extraction, ventilation for cooling; within factories, workshops, warehouses, and other commercial premises.


Plate Mounted Axial Fan

Plate Mounted Fans are generally designed for ventilation or fume/bad quality air extraction within factories, workshops, warehouses and other commercial premises. Although similar in function to Case Mounted fans, Plate Mounted Axial Fans are preferably mounted to the wall or windows.


Typical applications include; ventilation, extraction and cooling within; factories, workshops, warehouses, kitchens, warehouses, factories, chicken sheds, bitcoin mining fans and many other commercial premises. 


Compact Axial Fans

Compact Axial Fans have been designed for enclosures, server cooling and control panels. Because of their compact design, these fans are often used in refrigeration and for general ventilation applications. Compact Axial Fans are also known as Frame Fans. 


Typical applications include; general purpose cooling, electronic cooling, computer/server cooling, lamp cooling, solarium equipment, small heat exchangers, refrigeration units, coolers. 


Ring Mount Axial Fans

Ring mount axial fans are typically found on refrigeration and small condensers but also suit a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. These fans come in a variety of mounting options with various blade, ring materials and fan blade pitches.


Typical applications include; Refrigerator condenser fan motors


BCF Backward Curved Fans 

Backward Curved Fans (BCF) also known as radial fans are centrifugal fans with backward curved blades. BCF’s are typically suited to higher efficiency, higher pressure applications where overall system efficiency is a key factor.


Typical applications include; High pressure condensing (premix) boilers, extract ventilation systems, fume extraction systems, gas burner systems, heat recovery systems, air filtration, fume control, refrigeration equipment, electronic cabinet cooling, lamp cooling, roof extract units, in-line duct fans and air conditioning cassettes.


BCF In-Line Duct Fan 

BCF Inline duct fans feature  backward curved centrifugal impeller and external rotor motor, to ensure a compact design, high airflow performance and low sound levels. They are commonly used in ducted ventilation systems to cool and ventilate large volumes of space by expelling heat and humidity.

Typical applications include; ventilation systems for industrial, commercial, horticultural and electronic ventilation such as spray paint booths, health centres and offices. 


Find the correct fan for your HVACR System 

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Different Types of Fans for HVACR Applications