Restoring trust for public buildings

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Restoring trust for public buildings

Fear is a powerful force. Thanks to several years of pandemic-induced changes to the world of work, time spent in crowded areas and in close proximity to each other still has many people feeling anxious and concerned. So could ventilation be the key to calm?

Over the past few years, the oft-repeated message of social distancing, mask-wearing and general lack of gathering indoors has been, rightly, driven into people. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious step-change in the way we lead our lives. Possibly affecting certain spaces more than others. 

Anxiety, even now as restrictions have all but vanished, is still common and many who are particularly vulnerable are still very careful about where they visit and are more sensitive to safety than others. Precautionary research will generally give you an idea around the kind of ventilation or air circulation that a building has and many will check ahead before attending events, workplaces and more.

Who then, is responsible for reassuring those who have to abide by more careful approaches to life? Is it manufacturers or businesses and buildings themselves? Either way, there is probably value in readying for the future. That’s not to say that many have not already looked ahead to overservice this area of air quality. Many new installations have opted to exceed what is required by current legislation and are therefore futureproofed beyond initial expectations. 


It’s not too late


Even though restrictions have lifted, it’s never too late to think about improving air quality for buildings. In construction, more is being done at planning level to ensure that air quality as well as heating from a green perspective is embedded into the very essence of the building process. For those in older, more established buildings or spaces, there is an easy solution. Rather than completely ripping out and replacing existing air quality and ventilation systems at great cost, many are opting to retrofit more efficient and cost-effective solutions. 


The PR of air quality


What the ventilation and air quality industry needs to ensure is that it is placed at the centre and at the start of any conversation around innovative design and in construction design in general. If trust is to be regained, then the industry needs to be proud of promoting itself and to be part of the ongoing conversation around recovery of both trust and the economy. Thankfully, the construction industry has acknowledged that more needs to be done and that it should not only be placing more importance on the issue, but also imparting a sense of responsibility onto the new generations of engineers coming through as qualified in the coming months and years. This has also been reflected in the Government’s approach to the issue, not only in advice but in terms of building regulations and guidance aimed towards not only construction, but those in property maintenance and facilities management. 

The global pandemic has certainly brought ventilation and air quality to the fore and is now more spoken about by the general population. When this is combined with the considerable amount of time most people have spent away from public spaces and particularly the workplace, it is very obvious that more needs to be done to bring people back into spaces confidently. Ventilation has an incredibly important part to play. Those in charge need to recognise this and thankfully the message seems to be getting through. 

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Restoring trust for public buildings