The Benefits of HVAC Refurbishment

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The Benefits of HVAC Refurbishment

If you’re a facilities manager, oftentimes it will be your job to wear many different hats comfortably on any given day. The role can cover so many different roles that air quality, ventilation and heating may well fall under a growing list of responsibilities that can cover health and safety, security, housekeeping and much more besides. 

That’s why it’s important that when it comes to HVAC and its maintenance, it’s important to have knowledge at your disposal, at least regarding what your options are and it can be initially hard to navigate. 


So why refurbish?


Maintaining HVAC equipment is relatively simple, however as all fans have a lifetime, eventual pauses in functionality will inevitably occur as anything with moving parts does.

The option to simply replace or repair a damaged or broken component is one that many facility managers will relish, particularly when the downtime to replace an entire unit can cause a delay in air conditioning in the summer, or a lack of heating in the winter. Imagine the upheaval caused by unexpected construction work within say, a hotel or a public space to the everyday running of that place. 


Costs, what is best?


It will always be more expensive to replace than repair a unit, unless the whole unit needs a complete replacement. From OEMs, a like-for-like replacement will be far too expensive and the result will likely be an upsell to a whole unit replacement. Similarly, even if competitive, a price for a repair from a third-party provider will also be too costly for many. 

By replacing, the time expended and therefore the repair bill is much smaller. In event venues, repairs can be fitted around quieter periods and go barely unnoticed in terms of disruption or breaks in service.


How does the Remco process work for repair?


At Remco, we believe a holistic approach is needed when it comes to each installation or repair. That’s why we have a stepped process whereby you can place a phone call, receive samples, arrange site visits for larger operations and follow up with testing. The aim is to make it as seamless as possible and therefore easier for you. 

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The Benefits of HVAC Refurbishment