The Importance of Fan Motors in Refrigerated Retail Display Cabinets

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The Importance of Fan Motors in Refrigerated Retail Display Cabinets

Manufactured in the UK, refrigerated retail display cabinets are found in all leading supermarkets. The machines are accessible to the public and designed to reduce the temperature of the content (Normal Temperature: 1-4°C (34 – 39°F)). However, like most things problems can still occur from time to time. For businesses in the hospitality sector, keeping food cold and out of the temperature danger zone where bacteria can grow is so important, especially if you’re supplying food to others.

Temperature is maintained via the refrigeration process with fan motors being used in condensers and evaporators. Heat exchangers are used to absorb and discharge heat. One of the most common issues you can find with a commercial refrigerator is loss of temperature control, the temperature is maintained through an interplay of refrigerant chemicals and ambient temperature in the room itself.

Failing to maintain the required temperature can be caused from several faults:

  • Defective thermostat
  • Faulty evaporator
  • Faulty condenser
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Faulty compressor

Energy efficiency has become one of the most important topics in nearly all areas of life. Air conditioning and refrigeration systems tend to be in operation for long periods so any energy saving opportunities make a big difference.


How Do They Work?

The first thing you need to know about a fan motor is its purpose. Most fans have two functions: they either move air around or cool down the area they are placed in. A lot of times these motors are used for both purposes, which makes them even more complex to understand. When working properly, they should run at a steady speed without any noticeable fluctuations. If there is any fluctuation, this could mean that the fan is not running efficiently or has an issue.

The next step is to figure out what type of fan motor you have. There are three different types of fan motors: centrifugal, axial-flow, and mixed flow. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans use a spinning impeller to push air across the surface. These fans tend to be quieter than other types of motors because they do not require blades to create airflow. However, they also tend to be less efficient than other types of motors.


Axial Flow Fans

Axial flow fans use a series of rotating vanes to force air into the unit. These fans are typically found in larger units such as freezers and walk-in coolers. They tend to be louder than centrifugal fans because the vanes spin much faster.


Mixed Flow Fans

These fans combine the best aspects of both centrifugal and axial flow fans. They use a combination of vanes and blades to move air around. Mixed flow fans are usually found in smaller units like ice machines and beverage dispensers.


Evaporator Fan Failure

An essential component of a refrigeration system is the evaporator fan, which helps maintain a constant temperature. Evaporator fan failure can happen due to an obstruction, such as a build-up of dust on the grille. We recommend removing the fan assembly and having it thoroughly cleaned, however, if the problem is still there then there could be a problem with the fan’s power supply.

When it comes to choosing the right replacement refrigeration fan motor there are various sizes. Once you have found the right one, it will get rid of any heat and maintain the optimal temperature for your products.


Buying From Remco

Our Elco products are custom-made solutions designed specifically for OEM’s of refrigeration applications in constant search of quality goods. The wide range of alternatives is flanked by a series of accessories in plastic, steel and aluminium able to ensure the best performance in any application and market. Typical applications for Elco products include standard supermarket refrigerated counters, cold rooms, solutions for ice cream machines and small condensing and evaporating units. You can find out more information here.

A lot of our products are a Remco replacement, however we are confident that the physical and technical specifications match the original product. Our Remco condenser fans come complete with a capacitor to help with installation.

The team here at Remco have a combined 30 years of manufacturing experience including engineering support and technical sales, so you can guarantee that we are the right people to talk to, buy from and trust.

The Importance of Fan Motors in Refrigerated Retail Display Cabinets